ITA.I.WINE is a project that was created with the intention of spreading the excellence of of high quality Italian food and wine heritage in the world, aiming in educating the consumer to carefully choose, based on the high quality of the selected products .

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Valerio Franchi is born in the land of wine and good food, Grandfather shepherd and wine maker, Father also winemaker and uncle employed at a Winery in Lazio region. He made ​​their studies during high school in the Technical Agricultural Institute of Ascoli Piceno, acquiring the status of wine technical and then completing his course with the degree as winemaker at the University of Florence.

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Marco Franchi was born in a small village in the Italian’s region named Marche, in the 50s. After years of working experiences in various regions is now living in the area of the Castelli Romani. Winemaker with forty years of experience, he has worked in various Italian regions (Marche, Sicily, Apulia, Abbruzzo, Lazio, Umbria, Liguria) and also abroad, in Central America, for 3 years.

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